About Me

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Hello, I am

Firas Al kharusi

I'm a full stack developer

I am currently based on Oman and Michigan as a computer science student and freelancer. Although I am currently focusing on web technologies, I have worked on many awesome programming technologies/devices, such as Mobile, desktop and micro computers. Also, I always try to stay on track in terms of new emerging technologies. I am recently growing fond of web3.0 and the space of decentralization. I personally hold many digital assets and willing to develop some in the foreseeable future.

When I am not coding, I am a coffee enthusiast, Gamer and a horseback rider.

My work

Bring a flatbed (under progress)

It is a an auction app based on mobile devices (IOS & android) My team and I are still working on it for our senior design project.


React Native.js



Food app

It is a mobile app based on ios and android, which utlizes the yelp API to search for resturants by range or by name.


React Native.js


Todo List App

It is a mobile app based on ios and android, which demonestrates the use of CRUD operations using React native.

React Native.js

The Cinema Web App

This app was one of my first PHP projects that I worked on. It doesn't have the best UI design, but it was mainly about CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete). Basically, the admin adds movies through their control panel and the users can book/cancel bookings for certain amount of people.



CSS & Bootstrap


Tic Tac Toe

TicTacToe, and who doesn't like tictactoe!! For this project I built a tictactoe game or alternativly X/O (As we called it in our childhood). This browser game was solely built using javascript events, HTML and some CSS to polish it.




Hotel Management System

This hotel management system was built using the renowned Python framwork, Django. It has many of the needed features to monitor, charge and show customers the hotels and rooms available with also the ability for admins to perform CRUD operations to rooms, reservations, prices, promotions, ...etc.

Django (Python)





Images to Text with Python

You Know when you see a nerd coding at the airplane? yes, these kind of apps he was building.


openCv module

pytesseract module

Mp3 Player

This is how I learnt python under 1 hour. I built the app to get a feel of the python environment and syntax. It is a simple app that plays mp3 tracks from the project directory.




Hash Join simulation

This app demonestrates the overall understanding of the join operation. It uses the indices that are inputed from the keyboard to join two relation stored in '.txt' files.


Perfect circle

This app takes control of the mouse pointer to make a near perfect circular shap. I used it to beat the annoying game on Vole.wtf. In this game you are supposed to draw perfect circle and the game prints the percentage of accuracy. please use the little link on the top right of this card if you want to die early : )


Rythem App

This app prompts the user to enter a letter or ending fraction in any Arabic word then it'll find words that match the same ending or phrase. Yes, as you saw in the previous project I am not the one to give up; I always wanted to be a poet, but I wasn't talented in poetry. So, I used this simple script to fetch for words to make my poems ;) Spoilers Alert I still failed to make poems.


Console tictactoe

Yes, I love tictactoe and this is another version of it in python through the consol.


Monopoly game

Monopoly game is very famous for my generation, but if you are younger it is probably still famous especially after the pandemic 😉 This was my first C# project I ever programmed; it was ordered by a client.


Windows forms